SVCL: Partner

SVCL partners with outstanding founders & leadership teams of small and mid-size Indian businesses across growth sectors. The capital could be provided for:

  • Any tangible and intangible investment which is considered critical for the growth requirement of the company. Intangible requirements could include Marketing, Brand Building, Creation of Distribution Network, Technical Know-how, R&D, Software Purchase, etc. which ae not easily fundable through traditional sources.
  • Each fund has clearly laid down investment objective

Fund wise amount, geography, and sectorial restriction would be applicable. More details would be available on specific subsection of Fund.

Being a member of the SIDBI group, SVCL has vast experience and network of relationships built over the understanding of the Indian entrepreneur's mind set provides SVCL with a significant advantage in the Indian investment environment.

Key desirables in businesses supported by SVCL

"To work for best returns by investing in deserving entrepreneurial teams using a combination of capital, strategic mentoring, skills and our vast network of relationships.”

  1. Strong management team with relevant and complementary experiences.
  2. Clarity and focus of business models
  3. Sound governance standards and ethical practices. Capability to put in place systems and processes which will support the growth plans of the company.
  4. Strong capability in innovation (preferably IP) based products/ services or highly scalable businesses with proof and track record