India Opportunities Fund

India Opportunities Fund is registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Venture Capital Fund and has been structured as a unit scheme to make primarily equity or equity-related investments in the growth oriented businesses established in India. The Fund seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns for its contributors through long-term capital appreciation. The Fund will seek a strategic stake in the funded companies with board representation and other rights as venture capital investor.

Fund Investment Criteria

  • Regulatory status of Investee companiesThe fund invests only in companies registered in India under the companies Act
  • Sector focus The fund follows a sector agnostic approach in investments
  • Geographical focus : The fund is location agnostic in its investments
  • Business Stage of Companies The fund can invest in early stage and growth companies. However, at present the focus is on growth companies with well established revenue streams and business models.
  • Other qualitative attributes of Investee companies
    • Strong and committed core team:

      The Fund will look for businesses managed by a team with a demonstrated performance track record, commitment and energy.
    • Growth potential:

      The Fund will like to invest in promising businesses having potential for sustainable high growth.
    • Long-term competitive advantage:

      The Fund will prefer to invest in innovative business operations with a sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Viable business plan:

      The venture should have a robust and credible business plan with a plan for achieving the desired revenue and profitability growth.
    • Clear exit plan:

      The Fund, being of limited life, will seek to invest in ventures offering a strategy for clear exit within a reasonable time period. The exit could be by way of IPO, offer for sale, merger and acquisition or sale to a strategic or financial investors.

The fund is fully committed

Exits (Sample Companies)

Investments (Sample Companies)