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SIDBI Venture Capital Limited (SVCL), incorporated in 1999, is an investment management company and a wholly owned subsidiary of SIDBI (www.sidbi.in), the Apex Financial Institution in the country for the MSME sector.Over its life, SVCL has managed funds focussed on different themes including Startups/ early stage technology businesses...


Small Industries Development Bank Of India
Website Link: (www.sidbi.in)

Small Industries Development Bank Of India (SIDBI) was established in April 1990, under an Act of Indian Parliament to serve as the Principal Financial Institution for promotion, financing, and development...

SVCL: Partner

SVCL partners with outstanding founders & leadership teams of start ups and small and mid-size Indian businesses across growth sectors. The capital could be provided for:

  • Any tangible and intangible investment which is considered critical for the growth requirement the company. Intangible requirements could...


Bussiness Plan

Business Plan

A good quality business plan is the first pre requisite for an entrepreneur to evoke interest of financial investors. The investors are going through a large number of business plans all the time and therefore it is critical that your investment plan is clear and also sharply brings out the value proposition to the investors...

General Investment Criteria

  • A strong management team which has commitment, demonstrated track record and a high degree of integrity
  • Long term competitive advantage
  • Potential for above average profitability leading to attractive returns on investments
  • Subscription to equity/ equity type instruments
  • Unlisted companies preferably in SMEs
  • Exit should be established


  • How does the Company approach SVCL for funding?

    The details of the active funds being managed by SVCL are given in the website It would be preferable if the company submits the business plan in a format given in the website. Based on a preliminary assessment of the business plan, course of further interaction with SVCL can be decided.

  • How do I submit a plan to SVCL?

    You can send an email on the respective email ids of the Funds, forwarding a copy of the executive summary of your business plan including the profile of management team, historical & future financials and industry information.

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