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Business Plan

A good quality business plan is the first pre requisite for an entrepreneur to evoke interest of financial investors. The investors are going through a large number of business plans all the time and therefore it is critical that your investment plan is clear and also sharply brings out the value proposition to the investors.
It may also be noted that the business plan is also a refection of the level of clarity for the vision of the company in the mind of the founders and also the level of research and awareness they have about the sector and industry in which they operate.

The key things that a Business plan should include are :

  1. What is the product/ service
  2. Who are the customers and the nature & size of the market.
  3. What is the USP/ IP and competitive advantage
  4. Where are the funds need for
  5. What are the deliverable and goals that the company has set for itself
  6. The founder and the executive team which can deliver the promised business plan
  7. A credible & realistic execution plan

The above aspects have to be presented in

  1. Presentation which captures the founders’ narrative lucidly.
  2. Detailed business plan with details of all the above aspects and a meticulously built financial model.