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Atmanirbhar Start-up Venture Fund

Atmanirbhar Start-up Venture Fund is the 1st Scheme of Atmanirbhar Laghu Vikas Trust, a close ended fund registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in August 2022, as a Category I AIF - Venture Capital Fund. Its objective is to invest in scalable and sustainable start-ups, emerging or early stage ventures, which would have potential to provide economic / social and environmental benefits/ superior value proposition for the country. The fund is sponsored by SIDBI. The Investment Strategy will involve investing in manufacturing and services start-ups which have the potential to become leaders in their respective industry segment.

Key Investment Criteria

Atmanirbhar Start-up Venture Fund is looking for investment in enterprises offering potential for attractive growth and earnings. Indicative investment criteria are -

  • High entrepreneurial drive: We will consider an investment opportunity where we find high entrepreneurial drive in the promoter(s) of the company and who have ambition to take the company to the next level.
  • High scalability and non-cyclical business: We are looking for businesses which have high scalability and can reap dividend by quickly and cost effectively reaching to its target customers.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage: We prefer to invest in innovative business models with a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • A clear exit plan: We seek to invest in ventures with clear strategy for exit within a reasonable time period.

Mode of Investment

Atmanirbhar Start-up Venture Fund would invest primarily by way of investments in privately negotiated equity and / or convertible instruments in unlisted companies. It shall also endeavor to provide mentoring support and other value additions to enable the investee companies achieve rapid growth and achieve / maintain their competitive edge in international markets. The Fund will seek standard venture capital rights as an investor.

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