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A good business plan will expedite our decision making. Intending entrepreneurs/ promoters having projects meeting the fund’s investment criteria may contact SVCL at Mumbai with a Business Plan which shall include:

  • Executive summary giving brief details of the project and levels of financing required*
  • Resume and references on the promoters and management team*
  • Details of subsidiary/ associate companies of the chief promoters. Details of credit facilities, if any, enjoyed by the associate companies from any bank/ FI*
  • Detailed shareholding pattern of the company (existing and proposed) with brief write up on the extent of interest of each of the major shareholder/ promoter in the company*
  • Human resource and requirement in future. Details of ESOP scheme, if any
  • Details of performance of the company during the preceding 3 years (where applicable) covering financial performance, nature/ type of operation, projects completed, products developed, competitive strengths etc.*
  • Details of technical tie-up/ collaborations*
  • Technological strengths vis-a-vis competitors.
  • Quality systems adopted and milestones achieved in obtaining Quality Certifications
  • Marketing Strategy*
  • Key clients, major orders executed for them*
  • Details of ratings (if any) of major foreign clients. Other relevant information on the clients like ‘DUN’ number etc. may be given
  • Details of overseas site offices, representative offices, subsidiary/ associate companies set up abroad for marketing/ offshore development*
  • Cost of venture and proposed means of finance*
  • Present status of the proposed project*
  • Financial projections with underlying assumption*
  • Implementation schedule*
  • Risk Analysis
  • Clearly laid out exit plan
  • Contact persons at your company, with e-mail address and website, if any.

In case detailed business plan is not readily available, information on points marked (*) may be submitted for preliminary assessment of the proposal.